Alternative routes to Urban Density is funded by the International Institute for Environment and Development. The website is designed to address the challenges of urban density. It connects the viewer to IIED-funded research studies that address density issues. The studies are categorized city-wise and can be found on the 'Cities' page. Only cities with populations of more than five hundred thousand are listed. Cities will continue to be added to the list as research related to them are uploaded.

Non-IIED research studies have also been included as weblinks, providing access to the sites where they are located. These studies either directly address alternative methods to tackling the issue of urban density or have been undertaken to help understand Urban Geography, Urban Psychology, Urban AnthropologyUrban HealthEconomics of Agglomeration and Sustainability. These studies will further aid research in to alternative methods. 

Latest blogs

A tale of two cities: Density regulations vs realityPoor residents in South Asian cities live together in high numbers that easily surpass the limits set in planning regulations.
The houses that Karachi's poor wantKarachi is building upwards to house its expanding population, but unregulated building leaves poor families at risk.
Paposh Nagar was created as a plot settlement in 1954 for migrants from India. It was designed as 417 plots of 38.5 square metres each. 


In Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, the tsunami disaster of 2004 forced new ways of working on both organizations of the urban poor and local authorities....

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8.8 million people live and work in Bangkok. A city in which the cost of living is increasing every day. Those on a low income play an important...